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The Adventist Community Services & Health Ministries (ACS/HM) of the Greater New York Conference  has a historic influence throughout New York City with supporters spanning the globe. This is perhaps one of the most impactful ministries of the Greater New York Conference that was instituted in 1975. The Van Ministry served as a mobile ministry targeting and reaching local New Yorkers at times of their most dire needs. Some of the former services included, blood pressure screening, providing clothing and essential items to families suffering from tragic fires and other emergency situations. 


In October 2015, the Greater New York Conference celebrated 40 Years of the Van Ministry, and dedicated a new van. In the excitement of this new van, the ministry is now linked to a new initiative called ‘Wellness On The Go’. This component of the comprehensive health evangelism program is integrated within the conference strategic plan. The New Van Ministry (Wellness On The Go), will be reorganized as a Mobile Center of Influence to reach this present generation by focusing primarily on providing blood pressure screenings, chair massage, BMI calculator, health age checks, follow-ups, and others.  

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